Import EML into Amazon WorkMail

It is difficult for people to rely on only one device to view EML files in the modern world. Everyone wants quick access to EML files, but this is only possible with a cloud-based account. Although there are many webmail accounts out there, today we’re focusing on Amazon WorkMail users. We have all the information you need here to successfully import EML into Amazon WorkMail. So, if you have EML files that you want to access using AWS, now you have a solution.

Advantages of opening EML using AWS over other e-mail services

Compatible with Outlook

Outlook is supported by Amazon WorkMail on Windows and Mac OS X. Users do not need to install Microsoft Outlook add-ins to continue using their current email client.

AD integration

Users can use AWS WorkMail to use their current login information by interacting with Microsoft Active Directory. Managing accounts and teams is simple with services like Active Directory Users and Computers.

Access anywhere

Users of Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire and other mobile platforms sync their emails. Users’ mobile devices instantly connect to Amazon WorkMail without human expertise or configuration. Through a functional web client, users can access their mail, calendar and contacts.

A hassle-free solution for importing EML into Amazon WorkMail

A reliable and simple way to import EML files into Amazon WorkMail EML file converter. This is a specialized EML converter program that provides you with different storage options for your converted files compared to an AWS account.

It is robust and can simultaneously merge as many EML files as you want into AWS. You can download the software and test it for free by clicking the above link. But first, before you start and download, we will teach you how to use it.

Step-by-step instructions for importing EML files into Amazon WorkMail

  1. Click the link above to download the EML to AWS migration software for your Windows device. The EML to Amazon WorkMail conversion program should be launched after ensuring that the setup is successful.
  2. The next step is to select the Open option from the menu bar. Then, between the next two options, you will have Select Files or Select Folders.
  3. You can navigate through each EML file after choosing from the alternatives. You must provide all the EML files you want to export to Amazon WorkMail once you find them all.
  4. As you can see, the EML files you selected will appear on the left side of the tool. Now you can preview the EML files along with their related properties.
  5. You can preview your EML files in different modes such as Header, Hex and Raw.
  6. You can also use the search bar to find EML emails based on a specific time frame, address, and file size.
  7. After selecting the Export option, select IMAP from the drop-down menu that appears.
  8. To import EML to Amazon WorkMail, be sure to select Save after entering your Amazon WorkMail login credentials and IMAP server name.

You will be notified when everyone has successfully logged in. You’ll also get an Open Folder button to access your AWS account directly from the tool. This is how you upload many EML files to Amazon WorkMail at once. One of our goals is to demonstrate the benefits of the product now that the process is complete. Explore them to learn more about the equipment.

Learn more about the EML to AWS migration tool

  1. dual mode: When importing EML to AWS, this tool allows customers to choose between two options for Data Selection. If you only want to convert one file at a time, you can choose one of the file options. But if you have a lot of content to upload, you can choose to upload a folder instead.
  2. Conversion capacity: This program is suitable for batch transfer, which allows the transfer of a significant amount of data at the same time. Multiple EML files can be imported into Amazon WorkMail in one go. There are no restrictions on converting multiple files at once.
  3. The tool’s ability to provide previews: It is very useful that this tool provides a preview function. It is absolutely necessary to review EML files before integrating them into AWS. If you don’t have access to other EML viewers, please use this one.
  4. Self-sufficient: Importing EML into Amazon WorkMail requires no additional software. This program is independent and can do the job without third party help.
  5. Search tool: You can quickly find any specific feature using the product’s built-in search feature. You can quickly view any example of a text or email sent or received in a specific time period and to or from a specific address.
  6. Device Compatibility: This program may be used on any computer or other device that can run the Windows operating system. Any version of Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and earlier versions, can import EML into Amazon WorkMail.

Note: Now that you’ve learned a little about the process and some of the features of this approach, it’s safe to assume that you have some questions. See the most frequently asked questions about the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does setting up an Outlook account on my device require EML import to Amazon WorkMail?

No, to export your files to AWS, the application is completely standalone and does not require any EML file support client.

Is this app able to export my EML files to AWS and Gmail account?

Yes, a complete solution is offered by the EML to AWS migration tool. Using this tool, you can import EML files to Gmail, Zoho, Yahoo, Office 365, IMAP and any other account.

Does this EML importer to Amazon WorkMail work with Windows 11 as my operating system?

No need to worry about it because this software works on all versions of Windows, so it doesn’t matter which one you are using.

Will this program allow me to export all of my 3000+ EML files at once?

This tool does not impose any restrictions. Regardless of how many files you have, they can all be imported into Amazon WorkMail at the same time because EML can be uploaded there in batch mode.

Can attachments that are associated with EML files be imported at the same time?

Yes, you can import the entire database with the help of this program. This means that everything related to your EML files, including attachments, addresses and other attributes, will be imported immediately.


Now you have access to a great way to import EML into Amazon WorkMail. Using the EML to AWS transfer tool, an unlimited amount of data can be uploaded at once. You are invited to use the currently available free version of the program for testing. Once you download the app for free by following the link provided above, you can use it to import EML files to Amazon WorkMail (AWS) services in addition to other services like Gmail, Yahoo and others.