IF SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE HUMANS| Beauty Hacks Makeup | Stop Motion Paper || Seegi Channel

IF SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE HUMANS| Beauty Hacks Makeup | Stop Motion Paper || Seegi Channel
I wonder if the social media were real people, would they love us as much as we love them? Interesting? Then watch our new video!
Link video: https://youtu.be/v70PFz2JV1E
0:00 Introl
0:12 Social Network Style
3:56 Bella ” Beaty & Beast”
6:14 Girl Day vs Girl Night
9:24 Porm Fashion
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Producer, Director, Screenwriter-Hoa Duong, Nguyen Phuong
Animated – Do Lam
Thumbnail-Phuong Lien
Editor and Sound Designer -Huong Pham
Production Designers-Vu Linh
System Developer -Phuong MNguyen

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