5 BEST Building Tips and Drills in FORTNITE CREATIVE – Console Building Tips

These are 5 of the best drills and tips you can use in the new fortnite creative mode. Especially useful for console tips.
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Video Audio – What’s up guys it’s DWreck, in today’s video you’re gonna learn the 5 best drills you can practice in the brand new fortnite creative mode. If you enjoy the tips, make sure you like the video and subscribe for more awesome content.

This mode let’s you build as long as you want to with unlimited mats, so let’s get right into it with drill #1.

90s are the king build at the moment, letting you outbuild a majority of other players and can help you keep up with the pros. I’ve recently started doing my 90s a little differently than before, which allows me to do them quicker, more consistently, and box myself in less. If you want I can do a full explanation video. But 90s are huge to practice since they’re the quickest way to take high ground. One pro tip I want to add in is if you do end up ramping yourself in, instead of running out from underneath like most players, it’s way quicker to just edit your ramp forward and continue the 90s.

#2 is the Double Ramp Floor Wall – this was nearly impossible for console players before instant build placement came out and now it should be part of every players build strats. You need to start by practicing this super slowly because it’s one of the more challenging builds in the game at the moment but it allows you some of the best protection when ramping at and over an opponent. When I first trie d teaching myself this, I struggled to get it down for more than a few levels doing the usual way where you spam your aim left and right. That method still has it’s purpose when you’re in the middle of a build battle, but for the initial rush I came up with a much easier, smoother way to do them as you can see. I’ll definitely be posting a double ramp floor wall rush tutorial next week so make sure you’re subscribed to see that.

#3 is going to be a pro build strat that a lot of newer and intermediate players haven’t started doing just yet. Whenever you get coned or floored off by an opponent’s ramp, a lot of gamers give up, turn around, and try to build the other way or they axe their way through it. It’s all situational what the best move is, but one of the quickest counters is to simply jump out to the side, place a floor to land on, and continue ramping ahead. Practice this jump a lot and look to use it in your next build battle, just be sure not to jump too early or you’ll bump your head and fall.

Our 4th drill is going to be a pretty basic editing course, that’s going to help a lot of you that haven’t practiced your editing enough lately. The speed of your edits can easily raise your KD and help you win more games so this is a good starting point. To make this, you’re going to place a wall, followed by a ramp with a cone at the end of it. You’re going to want to make a quick triangle wall edit first, followed by editing your cone into a ramp, placing a floor, and then quick editing right through. This is gonna help you practice quick escapes and tracking your opponent, navigating your builds quickly, and make it easier to drop on other players for a power kill.

Our last drill is going to be pretty simple and keep building your editing speed. Just place floors and ramps as high up as you want then edit your way down. You want to focus more on consistency than speed with this when starting out. Make sure you’re really looking at one corner of the ramp and dragging it straight across to the other side before you try editing the next piece. As soon as you finish you rampr edit, make sure you look down at tyour floor so you dont accidentally to re edit your stair piece either. You can do this across both ways with the ramp and once you get a good rhythm down you can gradually speed things up.

If you want to see more of these tips and stick around for my double ramp wall rush tutorial, make sure you subscribe and like the video. Also let me know in the comments if you’d like to see my new way of doing 90s or anything else you need help with. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.